What computer game are you currently playing?

[size=medium]Battlefield 3[/size]

Woah, thats a lot of stats man. Looking forward to Battlefield 4?

I’m currently playing Pinball Arcade. It doesn’t involve a lot of keys, mostly just a bunch of shift key presses for the flippers. I downloaded it via Steam and I’m just playing the free Arabian Nights table at this stage. Awesome stuff, but I think I’ll wait for the packs to go on sale before I buy any tables.

I’m playing Battlefield 4 and osu!. Most of my key preses are osu! 8-10k pr. hour

I’m not playing a thing, sadly. :frowning:


I’ve been playing Minecraft and HaxBall.

Recently I have been switching between Diablo II - Median XL and GTAIII.

I plan to play through all the GTA games again, starting with three.

And always Kongregate.

I recently built my new rig (gideon) and just finished playing Assassins Creed: Black Flag.

Other then playing Starbound, I’ve started playing EVE Online with a couple of friends, and waiting for Battlefield 4 to get a little more stable before I start playing that.

I just picked up Battlefield 4 along with a premium membership for less than $50 so I think I will be playing that for a while, I hear its a bit more stable now, and the membership gets you access to all of the DLC at no extra charge, so it actually works out pretty well.

You should play with my friends and I some time. Just started getting into BF4 a few days ago.

So I play World of Warcraft, and Battlefield 4.

I haven’t noticed any major issues in BF4 the last month. The servers are stable and its running smooth as butter :slight_smile:

I was pretty worried when I started playing BF4 that it would be unplayable, but haven’t had a single issue since I started. Had a lot of fun on it so far.

I’ve been playing BF4 for the past couple of days, and although I had a couple issues connecting to a few servers (I hate the browser startup), once i was in game I have not had any crashes and all my game scores have registered well. First few ranks always take me ages as I am stuck with guns and gear I hate, should speed up after rank 10 or so. I will be playing most evenings as I currently work full time.

Hit me up on battelog.

I’m into smaller maps/close quarters combat so I will usually be playing stuff like Domination. I was pretty good at Headquarters on CoD.

I mostly play assault and the SCAR-H has been my favorite (is the first gun you unlock as assault).

I’ll add you when I get on my gaming rig.

I play a combination of games, each of which take different things. Right now the game is Euro Truck Simulator 2, using the keyboard.

I don’t see the appeal to the simulators. What do you like about these kind of things?

I play minecraft almost exclusively. I end up with 10x more keys than clicks. I also use keys to hit and use items as well.

I recently started playing World of Warcraft again (keyboard/mouse combination). I bought the game with the Pandaria expansion during the holiday discount, and I’, about to download WhatPulse to my home computer since my laptop’s broken and WP won’t run on my Windows 8 tablet. It’ll be interesting to see how my stats change after I download it to the desktop computer… :smiley:

I’m currently playing Goat Simulator, hilarious stuff. Mostly key presses with some clicks too.

I bought it yesterday, the game is so bad and that’s why it’s funny! I think i play it like 2-3 times and then never again haha