shaw has done it

yes, she has started making a new whatpulse user!! MWAHAHAHAHA


Woohooo :smiley: Gratz to Shaw!!!

And what should it be? A boy? Then it will be a gamer :smiley:
A girl? Addicted to chatting :smiley:

More keys :sunglasses:

Awh :]

Evil Shawchert clones. Just what WhatPulse needs!

Oh god. Not a mini Shaw!


Lol it’s a boy :stuck_out_tongue: he’ll be as good of a gamer as his ol’ mom XD.

Congrawturashuns :smiley:

EDIT: Hey where’s my e-penis sig? :frowning:

You know… I wouldn’t mind seeing those ePenis sigs gone. I’d like to have this forum be somewhat work safe.

That being said, OMG! Shawchert’s having a baby? That ROCKS!

Shaw, you do know your kid will be forced to wear WhatPulse diapers, right? ;]


LMAO if i find them hell yeah XD. but i’mma make him wear lion king diapers :smiley:

Awesome, congratz :slight_smile:

Hahaha. Evil.


Congratulations shaw.

hehe ty ty :3

So what was the dad’s remark when you said your child would be a master typist and video gamist? ;p

“So what am i suppose to say? … I don’t really care”

Hah, sounds like something I’d say.

I honestly don’t think it’s funny… if you got someone pregnant you damn well better friggen care!!!

haah :smiley:

I really hope you never become a parent.