Ruler of the Hill

I bring you the renamed Ruler of the Hill Game, stolen from Puppeh, which stole it from the IF support forums!

The rules are simple:

  1. No immortality or “I am unbeatable.”
  2. Don’t get too personal. We don’t want any hurt feelings.
  3. Say “Ruler!” after you finish knocking off the previous Ruler.
  4. Have fun.
  5. No banishing any users from the hill.

I am the ruler of the awesome hill! Do whatever you can to knock me off.

I send an air force to fire missles at you!


I run up the hill and Cliff Dude immediately jumps off due to the enormous stench!


I use my 1337 programming skillz

if Wiz releases an enormous stench, then he gets pwnz0r3d by ~The Lost Faith~

I look at the empty hill, noting that “The Lost Faith” did not say “Ruler!”


gives x-kal a tapper, and pushes his fetal-positioned body down the hill into the ocean where he drowns and is automatically out of the running for ruler

then screams “ruler”

I run up the hill and gave him a ruler.

He walks down the hill wondering why I gave a ruler.

I run up the empty hil and say “RULER!!!”

X-Kal: You’re not the ruler!
Cliff Dude: Yes, I am!
X-Kal: No, you’re not!
Cliff Dude: Yes, I am!
X-Kal: No, you’re not!
Cliff Dude: Yes I am!
X-Kal: Yes, you are!
Cliff Dude: No, I’m not!
X-Kal: Yes, you are!
Cliff Dude: Look, you’re crazy. I’m outta here.
*Cliff Dude walks away

X-Kal: Ruler!

  • not only performs wallhax, but also headshots X-Kal with an AWP WHILST standing on his head*

drops a giant duck onto radar, he is consumed by the duck and they both fall down.


*animates his corpse and causes it to eat Large Duck, revitalizing X-Kal’s life into it.


smacks X-Kal’s ass and watches him run down the hill screaming, “WTF!!!”



*taps Century0’s shoulder and watches him run down the hill, screaming “WTF!!! Where did he come from?”


puts a cigarette out on x-kal’s neck and watches him screaming while doubled over and rolling down the hill


*X-Kal sues “The Lost Faith” for damages related to second-hand smoke. “The Lost Faith” loses the case, and is forced into mandatory community service, where he is too busy to spend time on the hill.


Bloopy brings in a load of dirt from Mars to make the hill so big that X-Kal gets altitude sickness and rolls down the side. Bloopy attaches oxygen supply to self and climbs to the top of the hill.


LargeDuck is a Duck…therefore he is automatically Ruler!

*X-Kal gets a hose out and erodes away the extra dirt, restoring the hill to its original height, though washing Large Duck away into a nearby lake.


Give away free cake, X-Kal cant resist, cake is poison…


I samck Why Two Kay on the head with an ovesized mallet and hes goes unconcoius…