Wrong stats?

When I was looking at my online stats, I noticed that they’re lower than the stats in the Whatpulse app. In the app it says I downloaded 46,52GB but online it says only 30GB. And it’s not only with my download stats.
I can see that my latest pulses were registered correctly, but I didn’t notice the problem a few days ago so maybe some of my pulses disappeared?
Here is a screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/LY2M7.png

I like your profile setup :slight_smile:

Setup? I think that’s just the standard profile :shy:

Only internet traffic is counted to the ‘unpulsed’ stats, but the total traffic is the entire computer’s traffic. So it can be different, depending if you do stuff (NAS/sharing) locally.

And it is indeed the default profile.

Ah so it is. I am used to the old WhatPulse too much hehe.

And what about the amount of clicks and keys then?

I have the same problem, the only difference is that the client hasn’t subtracted the amount of data, keys etc from a token error I had experienced with the 2.0 client. Even though the website shows X (correct) stats, my client shows X+the stats from that token error.

Running 2.0.1 on W7 x64.

I’ve got about 5 GB of upload bandwidth MIA between the client and website, and I don’t have any internal network sharing going on. About 28 GB on the website, 33 GB on the client. Kind of worrying to see.

I also don’t have internal network activity.

Any update on this?