Wrong Screen on ALL COMPUTERS

My “Desktop” profile shows
1 Monitor (4096x1152)
while I have a Display with 5120x1440

It was shown with the correct info on WP 2.x, so I suppose it’s a client software problem sending or reading wrong data.

I have the latest stable version 3.1 but cannot tell if it was wrong on 3.0 already.

still wrong. Even after rebuilding my PC switching from AMD & Radeon to Intel & Nvidia, WP keeps tracking the wrong lower video resoludtion.

Same with my new Apple M1 (MackieMesser profile) which has 2560x1600 and not the listed 1440x900. This seems to be a general problem with WP over all. I posted it already in spring 2020 and still you dont even feel any need to reply, check into it or whatever.

yes I always do use the latest stable WP version. Any other website is able to read the correct resolution, but WP doesnt.