WP keeps pulsing!


I’m having this problem since I’ve installed WP in previous computers and different configurations.


Pulsing works great, but sometimes it keeps pulsing (green icon on system tray) and never stops, and there’s no way to open menu (right click) or anything. But stats keeps counting (at least tooltip appears when hover and the values are being incremented).

Not sure if the data is being sent. The only way to roll it back is killing the app and start it again, but I don’t want to loose my tracks.

Anyone knows if there’s a solution for that?


This is odd. I’ve yet to have it occur to me. The only time it would hang up during this is when the internet was out or connection was lost or the packet did not want to transfer.


I’ve noticed previously (last year, or so) that when that happened I pressed Alt+Tab and the error popup appears in the list, so I just click Ok and that worked.

But now the popup didn’t appeared anymore… :frowning:

I’ve had that problem, too, though it’s been a long time. I think it has to do with a bad connection to the server - it just sorta hangs up. For me, the ethernet cable is easy to reach… so when it does that to me, I unplug the cord and lose the internet connection, so whatpulse can finally concede that it can’t connect to the server. Then, I reconnect the cable and try pulsing again another time.