WP crash

Um, another problem - WP crash everytime when I use winrar.

Have no such problem. Unraring, raring, extract, or whatever, doesn’t crash it.
Still using 64bit 3.93 version.

Chrome? Crashing Whatpulse? Weird, crashing constantly. Didn’t crash likoe this yesterday.

2.0.1 or 2.0.2?

2.0.2 is quite unstable

2.02, once you pulse on 2.02, can’t go back to 2.01

That’s simply not true, you can just install 2.0.1 over 2.0.2 and go on with your business. Fix for crash on pulsing will come tomorrow, if you disable auto pulsing for now, it’ll behave.

What browser have to do with my problem? :s

I have WP 2.0.1
Its funny, cuz everytime when I even open WinRar, WP crash - don’t have to do anything, just run it WinRar :smiley:

This has been fixed in 2.0.2, but don’t upgrade just yet - there’s a bug with pulsing without having the window open.

Yeah, I just noticed. Needs to be open. It’s ok for the time being, I’ll wait for an update…

Nah, if it’s the only “problem” I can handle it. I use WinRar a lot, so if in 2.0.2 that was fixed and only problem is that U have to open window to pulse I upgrade. I always open that window in WP 2. cuz its funny to watch stats :stuck_out_tongue: