WP 2.1.1 stops counting traffic

I recently have the problem, that since I use my new computer with the latest stable release 2.1.1. that after autopulsing (every 24 hrs), in 9 of 10 cases it does not recognize traffic anymore. I have to shut down and restart, it then counts my traffic again.

WP 2.1.1

Win7 x64 Ultimate SP1, WinCap installed

This problem also happens to me when I was using WhatPulse 2.1.1. I am using WhatPulse 2.2b5 now and the problem is still there. It also sometimes stops monitoring the network traffic when I disconnect from the currently connected network and reconnect. (I sometimes get network dropouts so I have to power off and on the Wi-Fi). There are no devices listed as “active” in the Network tab of the WhatPulse client even though it is connected to the internet when the problem occurs for me.

Hopefully they will fix this problem in the next update.
Using WhatPulse on Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.4.