WP 2.0 does not properly count

Running game in windowed mode and WP and there is no problem, but my SLI is tearing a bit…

I already mentioned this on the chat but I also have problems after gaming. I play Battlefield Heroes (windowed) and here also recording the keys is stopping after starting to play and also the geek window is black. Only thing that helps is quitting the WP-client and restarting it again.

WinPcap was installed when I installed WP 2.0, with admin rights.

Okey, after going into fullscreen after windowed mode… it works even then. So idk. Just played for about 1.5h and got 8k key pressed. Battlefield 3 of course.

Same issue as everyone else. On multiple PCS and it is just freezing no matter what I do. It doesn’t matter whether it is gaming or surfing the net.