WP 2.0 does not properly count

Hej folks,
just installed the new version of WhatPulse and found out, that neither my keys nor my clicks are counted properly counted.
I start WhatPulse, running as administrator and everything works pretty well.
But after starting any fullscreen application, WhatPulse stops counting immediately.
Could you please help me to find a solution?

Best regards

same here. it makes us two.
whatpulse stops counting and only restart of the program helps.

Even the same with me. Plus: I am not able to pulse.

I found that it stops counting when I start up any game like Battlefield 3 or Torchlight 2.

Yea, as soon as I start up a game I notice it stops counting as well

I’m having the same problem.

64bit Vista.

Have you guys tried running it in Admin mode? I used to have something like that and then I started to run the program as Admin by default and it fixed itself.

Two things to remember here:

  1. Running the programs as an administrator helps, but the next one is critical.
  2. In order to have WhatPulse track everything, you must have and accept the WinPCap installer. This programs is essential for WP to track all online activity, whether it be just surfing or downloading programs or (most importantly) playing online games (WoW, Mass Effect, Rift, etc.)

I had to reinstall WP because it was not recording my online stats. So, I checked and, sure enough, here’s the evidence:


Bottom line:

To ensure all aspects of the new WP client work, follow and accept all installations from WP! Seems simple and yet complicated at the same time.

The preceeding is not an attempt to insult or annoy any member. It is just to ensure the proper instruction of the installation steps for the new and improved WP client. Some members are confused and are asking questions. Hopefully, this post answers the most damning questions:

Why isn’t this working?
Why isn’t the network being tracked?
When I’m in a game in full screen mode, my keys aren’t being tracked!

These topics and some other topics may be covered by this post. I hope this solves some of the issues that are occurring.

WP was bring run through and admin account.
WinPCap should have been installed. IIRC it said that it was already installed when I installed WP. And I let it reinstall it.

Networking was still being tracked but keys and clicks stopped being tracked after going into fullscreen or something along those lines.

I’ve reinstalled WP and it seems to be working now, but I’ll keep an eye on it.

EDIT: Looks like I spoke too soon.
The Geek Window turns black when input stops being counted if that helps at all.

Hi, I’ve switched to WP 2.0 recently and I have the same problem (not registering keystrokes and mouse buttons in full screen games ie. Stepmania and League of Legends).

I installed WP to track my stepmania keystrokes so it’s a bit annoying if it doesn’t work :s

I tried all of the above (reinstalled WP, installed WinPCap, gave admin privileges) but still doesn’t register.

Any ideas ? :slight_smile:

Edit: did some additional testing and when I run the game and alt-tab it, it doesn’t register either. With the game still alt-tabbed, I restarted WP and it was registering again. But once I went back to the game, it stopped again.

I am getting the same issue. I tried lots of different things, but I can’t figure it out. I am thinking there is a bug somewhere, but not sure were the bug is at tho.

From the descriptions, this looks like the team missed something. I have no idea when it will be fixed, but have you checked you network options? I have a feeling that’s not it, but it’s worth a shot. It’s holiday time, so I won’t expect anything to be done until after the new year.

i’ve reinstalled WP+ WinPCap and now sometimes it’s counting, and sometimes counting freezes. i played fullscreen games and WP was counting then, but randomly it’s stop counting and i must restart WP…
why, oh why dear admins?

and yes, i run wp as administrator.

As a fellow Stepmania player, your problem is playing fullscreen. Use windowed mode, it’ll even increase your performance as you don’t have to move your eyes as much.

same problem here i hope they come out with an update

Same problem. Need to restart app after exiting fullscreen.
That only counts for games, not for movies or software, so only “true” fullscreen.
Windows 7 64bit here.

For now, there is one solution. In order for the client to count stats, games must be played in windowed mode if possible.

I tried everything above, and I also used Windowed mode (Stepmania). It still doesn’t track my keytaps.

I use Windows 7 64bit by the way.

And it was working in 1.7?

I think we are hitting Windows API limits, we could switch back to the old counting code from 1.7 for fullscreen applications.

Run WP as an admin.

Which Windows API’s are WP tied into and which one is affected?