[Win7] Whatpulse 2.5 stops submitting keys and clicks after a while

Exactly what the title says. After a while (6k-10k keys) the client just plain stops working, displaying a red circle as if I was holding a key continuously. Only recorded things are uptime and download/upload.

I heard there was an issue like this in Whatpulse 2.0.1 or so, but it was supposed to be fixed in version 2.0.2.

Some random stats if they help:

Computer: HP Compaq 6715b
OS: Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1
Programs I used: 10-15 tabs of Chrome, Paint, Notepad, Windows Explorer, Skype, Clickteam Fusion 2.5
Used previous version of Whatpulse, had to uninstall because personal issues.
I sometimes put my computer in hibernation, but the error generally occurs before that. Not sure if contributing factor.

Thanks in advance:



When the client stops getting input triggers, it is in most cases your antivirus or other protection software that detects WhatPulse receiving input and cuts it off. I don’t think you listed an AV in your programs, but you should have a look at those, check if the client has exceptions.