Why Was My Account Deleted?!

Okay, my old account name for pulsing was Captaiin. I had was number 1 in 1337 team buy 10 million keystrokes… Why was I banned, like my account is deleted it does not exist? Answer would be nice.

                                                                     Thanks :twisted:


Your account was deleted due to excessive keystrokes in excess of 50kps. This amount of key strokes is not able to be held over a period of two weeks, or more. Furthermore, I find it highly unlikely you would be capable of earning 120mil keys with only 1.8mil clicks. WhatPulse accounts are only authorized to be used by ONE person, and all keys must be gained by yourself and not through other means, including cheating, mechanical means, or other persons typing for your benefit. If you can come up with a legit reason as to how you earned that many keys within 2 months, I will possibly think about having your keys and clicks reimbursed.

WhatPulse Anti-Cheat Head

You dun goofed.