When do referrals update?

I’ve had numerous people sign up through my referral link, not because I’m desperate for referrals but I thought it’d be fun to have an extra stat to be doing well on, however it doesn’t seem to be tracking them.

I had one referral when the system was set up with no leaderboard, so I assumed that wasn’t tracked and then I’ve had at least 6 today and my total is still 0. Are they updated every few days, or am I doing something wrong? They came to the site through my link and have pulsed around 20k each.

I’ve passed this on to wasted. Someone will reply soon with an answer/resolution!

The referrals are only picked up when the user does not block cookies (you need them enable on our site anyway), could you point me to your site where you make your referrals?

Sure thing: I created a team for a forum, posted it and the team now has 13 members, that’s 11 extra who came through my URL afaik, it could be less but there’s at least one and I have not a single referral.


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