WhatPulse won't start on OS X 10.7.5

I’ve just generated a bunch of crash logs after updating to WhatPulse 2.2. All of them are essentially identical; here’s the latest one in a series of two or three dozen.

The nearest guess I have is that WhatPulse 2.2 expects to be run on OS X 10.8 or later, based on the missing symbol error about the UserNotificationCenter. Manually downgrading to 2.1.1 lets me run WhatPulse again.

So, it seems that WhatPulse 2.2 requires Mountain Lion, but doesn’t state that fact, and doesn’t gracefully handle being installed on OS X <10.8.

I guess I’ll have to deal with WhatPulse 2.1.1’s random silent crashes a while longer. (As for those crashes, I’m trying disabling per-app network statistics, which was mentioned as a possible solution in another thread.)

That’s happening to me too. Reverting to 2.1.1 now…

Same here…

Does this occur when starting it up, right away - or when you pulse?

Immediately upon program startup. Sometimes WhatPulse doesn’t even stay running long enough to show in Activity Monitor.

Same here, can launch it over and over without it actually running properly. No obvious errors popping up or anything.

And that’s what really bothered me. It just wasn’t working and it wouldn’t tell me anything about why.

Hopefully we’ll see a bugfix release soon.

Mine wont even start…I click on icon and it does NOTHING…

If you keep Activity Monitor open, sorted and scrolled to a position such that “WhatPulse” will appear between two visible processes, then use Spotlight to start WhatPulse.app, you will usually see “WhatPulse” in the process list for one refresh cycle. But you are correct, it appears to never finish starting and crashes because of an uncaught exception.

If you run the app within a Terminal session, you’ll see why.

As for the reason, it appears that there is a specific update (which wasn’t on our 10.7 test machines), that breaks a single function reference, which is documented to always work…so yeah. :wink: The reference is gone now and I’ve confirmed it fixed.

I’m also fixing some stuff that comes by on the Windows client, so it’ll be a few days before 2.2.1, sit tight!

I’ve got the same problem with 10.6.8 – if you like, I could test-pilot a build if it will run here, too. unfortunately I’ve overwritten the 2.1.1, so I’m without WP on that machine… feels kinda n*ked :wink:

@FamilienVater: http://whatpulse.org/downloads/46/

I bow to your wisdom! :slight_smile:

This has been fixed in 2.2.1: http://whatpulse.org/downloads/62/