Whatpulse with nProtect, Vista

Shawchert and I were working on a problem - trying to find out why I could count keys on maplestory and she couldn’t. Something also made me wonder - in the SHORT time I had Vista, I could pulse with no problems there, either - reboots included. So, we figured out the difference.

What you should do is find a separate location to install Whatpulse - do NOT put it in the Program Files folder. For some reason, if you’re playing a game that involves nProtect, it will block whatpulse from running… EXCEPT if it’s not in the Program Files directory.

Problems with Vista? There are protections in place that prevent it from changing file in the Program Files directory, I believe. That should be fixed if you just install Whatpulse to a separate directory. Try something like C:\Whatpulse\ or whatever you want. Try it - I think it will work.

Does this work with XP or Vista only?

Why would it work with XP it’s a problem fix for Vista…

Some people just don’t know. No need to get rude about it.
It is however, only a Vista problem.

For nProtect, it works in XP - that’s where that was tested.

In terms of trying to fix the problems with Vista, that was a theory of mine, but it seems that it doesn’t quite work, however.

I believe that nProtect scans your program files folder, and disables whatpulse because it finds it there. If you can’t get keys/clicks from maplestory, for example, you’ll need to move the whatpulse folder outside the Program Files directory, e.g. C:\Whatpulse and run it from there - then, you’ll have no problems.

As nProtect also blocks WP here when I’m gaming…

Have you tried installing it somewhere other than program files? eg, C:\Whatpulse\

No, but as I don’t play games with Nprotect anymore or GameGuard I can’t test it ^^