Whatpulse using absurd amounts of CPU (Win10)

I’ve recently started noticing that WhatPulse is hoarding 30-40% of my processor, which is kind of a small problem, when it is the highest using cpu program. It is on par, and competing with some of my recent games like phantom pain, etc.

Idont know why it is hanging, but I figured I’d make a post about it.It isnt a huge issue. But it does cause issues when my cpu spikes with other applications.
Im not sure what else to say really. But it never used to do this. I dont know when it precisely started.

Try disabling the network statistics and see if that helps. I think that’s the most complex part of the program and it causes most of the crashes and other issues, most likely because it relies on an external program to do the tracking (winpcap).

Then again I don’t own Windows 10 so it could be completely something else.

Disabling the network statistics hasnt seen to fixed the problem. Even restarted the application after saving the configuration.