Whatpulse tracker just freezes and does nothing.


I’ve put the Tracker onto my laptop, and it works… to a point.

It works for a short while, then it just freezes. The K in the tray just sticks, it will not track any key press, mouse click etc. Just nothing. I can pulse, but then it still does nothing.

I have tried the obvious, reinstalled the app, giving the app admin access, even elevating the process. Nothing seems to have had any effect.

I have had it running before on the laptop (before I wiped it), running the same version of Windows 7. It’s just odd :confused:

Win7 b7100 (RC) 64-bit - Acer Aspire 5315
(It could be something broken in the OS, same copy on my desktop works fine)

I’m just hoping someone has come across this problem before where the tracker won’t track no more. I have looked around the internet for ideas, nothing.

You’re using a test build. Wait for the final release before complaining about programs that don’t work.

Not to sound rude, but I think I know that! I’m asking for advice. I’m not necessarily complaining.

What other programs are you running when it freezes, if you run a program as admin then whatpulse will stop counting key / mouse clicks.

I’ve not really noticed what I am using. Usually it’s mIRC, firefox and windows live messenger (along with things like t-mobile 3g software, wakoopa and firewall in the background).

At the moment it’s “stuck” at 18 keys / 0 clicks / 0.63miles

Well a short term solution is to just restart the whatpulse app; you’ll keep all recorded keys so theres no problem there. The best possible thing to do would be to try and narrow down where the problem is coming from. I’ve experianced the same problem (also running windows 7) but I’m not sure what the cause is. Although I’m fairly sure firefox and WLM can be ruled out as I use them almost constantly and whatpulse has been running fine with both of them.

Just carefully looking at it, i am able to do a couple of click recording, then it just slows down and stops.

Odd. :confused:

How do you mean ‘slows down’? And when it does stop recording keys can you still pulse by double clicking the whatpulse icon?