WhatPulse Timer?

If I dont specify a timer for whatpulse does it only send keystrokes when I manually pulse? What do people have their timer set to?

It will only pulse when you tell it too, indeed. I don’t use the timers. :slight_smile:

I mostly manually pulse the computers I run WP on, but I have a Netbook that I sometimes set to Pulse at 5000 key strokes because I seem to forget about it. I use it for work meetings and things. It works well, set it and forget it.

I pulse manually as well, which WOW has been very rarely since Day 1 when we launched What Pulse LOL, almost a million racked up, guess I can pulse NOW ;o)

This makes a grand total of 122 btw

Guess it was JUST over a million ;D

Just to be clear for everyone reading PinkFloyd’s post: it’s not recommended to wait that long until you pulse. Most of the time it works just fine, but just to be safe, please pulse often enough that you don’t start crying/complaining if you happen to lose one pulse due to a token error or whatever.

(As I said, most of the time it works, and personally I’ve never lost a pulse, but every now and then some computer misbehaves and then some user comes to this forum and complains.)

Maybe this will keep people motivated: building up megapules is about as wise as writing a 10-page essay without ever saving it until the final draft. As impressive as it might be to have something appear as if you wrote it all in one fell swoop, it’s better to save your work now and then.

Pulse in bite-size portions, please.

(Plus, if you’re not megapulsing, you’re less likely to look like cheaters) q:

I had my client set to pulse every 10,000 keys, but have since disabled that. x3 Considering Linux is more stable than Windows, and I no longer have to worry about something screwing up, and becoming corrupt on me.

I want it every 10 seconds, i bet the server is down in a minute (if anyone does)

i run the timer to 24 hours it works cause i tend to forget about pulsing and such and i don’t have to pulse at all it does it for me… even if i’ve done a measly 60 keystrokes in 24 hours lol

Interesting concept.