WhatPulse slow loading, massive HDD usage

I’ve noticed that WhatPulse has become very sluggish to load. It spends sometime in the background, doing an insane amount of HDD work in this time. During this time the app also doesn’t record anything, giving it a dead spot whilst loading slowly. This behavior occurs wether WhatPulse was gracefully closed, forcibly stopped or crashed, so it doesn’t seem to be tied to that. I am using Windows 11, and WhatPulse 3.6

Here’s an image of the sort of HDD usage we’re talking about.

Look under %localappdata%\whatpulse to see if there is a whatpulse.db file that is in the gigabyte range.
I had the problem with 4 clients and with all 4 I could solve the problem immediately:

  1. open WhatPulse client (best is to press Pulse! first)
  2. settings → advanced (at the bottom via Check for Updates)
  3. empty local database
  4. quit WhatPulse
  5. if the whatpulse.db still exists under %localappdata%\whatpulse, delete it manually
  6. start WhatPulse and log in again.

Since then all clients are fine again.