WhatPulse on Ubuntu not recording network metrics [solved]

Hi there, I’ve made my way back to Linux again, aside from gaming hopefully this is my last OS change.

I’m glad WhatPulse can be used on Linux again, but after following all the steps it just doesn’t record network stuff at all. I’ve done a few downloads and still nothing. I’ve run the setup.sh file twice now and restarted but still nothing. I’m running Ubuntu 20.04 and its a very fresh install

Thanks for any help


As noted on the package page, the Linux client doesn’t support networking stats yet.


All client features are available, except for a few that are limited by the confinement of the snap environment.

Known limitations:

  • Not supported in Wayland (yet).
  • Unpulsed and application traffic is not counted.

Wow, that’s my bad. I definitely should have read it thoroughly.