WhatPulse never works!

I never used to have a problem, but recently, I’ve been getting loads of “Invalid Token” messages for no reason. I pulse on one computer only, and don’t do stupidly massive amounts of keys at once.

Usually a reinstall (has to be done often) will sort the problem.

But now, when it comes to pulse, the icon will go green and freeze. It will stay green and won’t submit. If I restart WhatPulse, I get the “Invalid Token” message and have to request a new token.

At the moment, I have the activity throttle something or other message.

I’m sick of losing thousands of keystrokes everytime I try to pulse.

The most common cause of this is that you’re pulsing on the same pulse profile with more than one computer. If you’re doing that, you’ll get them all the time. You’ve gotta have one pulse profile for every computer you use.

Aside from that, I wouldn’t know exactly what’s causing it… unless you’re running Vista.

I’m running Windows XP Media Centre. I only ever pulse to my Home profile from my home computer.

Like I said, I’ve never had a problem with it before.

I recently created a new profile for my external hard drive, so that I can pulse from different places. But I’ve had the problem before that.

Hmm… I’m running Windows Xp Professiona with Service Pack 1 and I have problem - I can’t log in … Why ? :frowning:

Poland Boy, you’ve got proxy issues that need to be worked out - I just don’t know how to fix those, since I don’t use proxies.

… When I had a Windows Vista Basic WhatPulse worked, and I wasn’t had any problem with him…

I have shi** internet >.<

i have big problem too my whatpulse works only after reinstall it when i turn off my computer and again turn it on whatpulse stop pulsing when i press pulse! green icon appear but stay frozen and nothing happend :frowning: what can i do pls how can i fix this problem pls?:!: