WhatPulse goes OpenSource - ideas!

The OpenSource-idea has been mentioned a dozen items on these forums and even wasted is not averse to the idea of letting the user make the client but let him handle the security and server side.

Maybe this thread can help finding a safe way how to handle it so WhatPulse can develop faster than it does now and finally giving the linux-community a working client.

Otherwise I’ll continue making my WP AddOn, but it’s kinda dumb since it does the tasks the original client does to (hooking mouse and keyboard input, displaying it,saving it to a file). It just doesn’t pulse but even that will be done in the future.

A first idea of an OpenSource WhatPulse would be a dll which has functions to count the key-and mouseinputs and pulse it to the server. The problem is that the users programmes mustn’t modify the amount of clicks and keys which will be sent to the server. That’s why the dll has to count keys and clicks. There also have to be functions to make the data avaible to the program using it.

The WhatCount-creator (gambler) and I plan to release a dll which makes the WhatPulse data available to users and makes WhatPulse also controllable. controlling WhatPulse is already possible through gamblers wphelper. Basically this dll would include everything the Open Source one would have too, but the original client still needs to be running.

gambler managed to spit out a dll which gives access to the most important data of whatpulse via a dll. It’s functions look like:

int WINAPI GetMouseCount( void ) int WINAPI GetKeyCount( void )

My WhatPulse Reloaded already makes use of this dll, but gambler is debugging and documenting it before he releases it officially.

Now our problem:
The forums aren’t much viewed so most WP user won’t even know about the dll or my program so we want it to appear on the frontpage. A general 3rd party tool section would be really refreshing for WhatPulse. We could even help out coding/moderating it or whatever you need.
You told us that there are indeed plans to involve more user in WhatPulse.

Why wait now when there are people who already work on it successfully?

You have to realize that wasted is a very busy man and his time is valuable. As well, I’ve not noticed PinkFloyd around to handle the administrative side of things. You just need to be patient.


We’ve already come to a solution Century0. :wink:

HedgeHog and TheGambler are going to start working on the client.

[quote=wasted]We’ve already come to a solution Century0. :wink:

HedgeHog and TheGambler are going to start working on the client.[/quote]

So we have two new developers assisting you now?


That would be correct.

Yeah! Gratz hedge and Gambler :smiley:

I hope 1.5 is finished fast :smiley:

[SIZE=“1”]Yes, than the cheaters can’t use 1.4.7 anymore so they can’t cheat that easily :mrgreen:[/SIZE]

MK, now if only you could get another administrator to help out.


Sweet, a new client may be just round the corner!

I agree - though I’m alittle interested in knowing what we can do to make the anti-cheat efforts more effective. I want people to keep reporting, and I want to make sure that cheaters are being dealt with in a fair manner, but I’m still unclear as to what it is I need to do, aside from going through the cheater list and weeding out the noncheaters & the ones already deleted.

Well, I always keep reporting :wink: Sometimes when I don’t have to do something i’m getting the top 200 list of whole WP… Not so many cheaters I didn’t report before :mad:

You’re bound to find alot more cheaters if you go through the top 200 clicks list :wink: