Whatpulse for Android

Hi there,

as often requested, any plans for bringing an WP version for android?

I think at least app usage and keyboard will be possible without root. For network im not sure.


It is certainly possible to count keys, network data, application usage and app/total uptime without root… I have several different applications that count all of these statistics separately on my phone:

  • SwiftKey has statistics on how many keys I type
  • My Data Manager counts total network usage, although it doesn’t differentiate between download and upload
  • Hooked counts application uptime and total uptime.

If it were to work out, I’d assume that WhatPulse would need to be modular to collect all of the data. It’d need to have a keyboard module that replaces your current keyboard to count all of the manually typed keys, a network module to track network bandwidth, and an uptime module to track application uptime.

I suppose that cheaters could be stopped by encrypting everything and limiting access to intent broadcasts, but Android security is too complex for me to understand on that level…

That being said, it’d be nice to see WhatPulse on Android, but I wouldn’t expect a mobile client anytime soon.

As Inquizitor says, the only way this would work would be if people used the WhatPulse keyboard as the default keyboard on their device. This would be difficult and very limited people would use it, making it not worthwhile for the development time.

It’s also noted that it’s easy to cheat - would be cool though.


At least app usage and network can gather from system. I think keyboard can do to if what pulse is registered as input helper as it works on osx.

So as you both realized, there are apps, which support that.

BTW, for me network and app usage is much more interesting as keyboard.

Looks there is an interface for keyboard too.