WhatPulse Dynamic Signatures (Offbeat Down For Me)

Offbeat has been down for me for god knows how long so I decided to create my own style.

For those of you wondering what they look like, here’s a sample [look at my signature], this is how they look at the moment, obviously I’ll parse much more information later if they get popular/etc.

So anyway if you want a link for them just give me a PM [or look at my profile web address] as I can’t post links yet, they automatically update themselves every 24 hours so don’t worry about re-creating them, however, if you wish to change a colour you must re-generate them or just edit the image url.

Apologies for the downtime, AgentGreasy’s been very busy with work and in his spare time he’s working on getting it back up and running.

How long now until the sigs come back?

Sigs are still down, which is a shame.

You know you can also use l33tsig which is compatible with WhatPulse, Wakoopa and other statistical programs, allowing you to make a pretty awesome sig image.

l33tsig.net (Can’t URL, as I don’t have 15 posts yet lol)

Im actually gonna make one myself, just wanted to get some stats on Wakoopa for a bit so its not too plain or anything, haha. :slight_smile:

I’ve updated my signatures so now they look more simple but sexy and sleek.

WhatPulse, YouTube, Twitter signatures all at LeetSigs.com if you wish to use any… Free of course.

I’m just curious, does anyone besides 3HU run a WhatPulse signature website?


Yes, WhatPulse does.