WhatPulse 2.1.1 - THANK YOU!

Since the start of version 2 I have had nothing but problems with WhatPulse. It kept crashing on Win8 and all other versions until 2.1.1 didn’t help. Finally 2.1.1 works. It doesn’t crash, I don’t have to keep an eye on it, it doesn’t freeze my computer (not exactly sure if that’s completely related) and when I go to sleep and check my computer when I wake up, WhatPulse is still up and running without any C++ error dialogues.

Thank you, WhatPulse. I have lost many key counts and mouse clicks since 2.x but I’m starting to use WhatPulse all the time, once again.

We’re glad that you are no longer having issues with the client. :smiley: Thanks for the feedback.


Same as this guy, finally no problems. Thanks!

I’d like to chime in as well and say that 2.1.1 has been stable for me too.

Good to hear it!