WhatPulse 2.0 - Not recording Network traffic

Hi! I’m running WhatPulse v2.0 on Win7 Ultimate x64.

It seems to not be recording or detecting any sort of network traffic at all.

I’m currently plugged in directly to my router, i.e. not using wireless at all. Integrated card, not a separate network card

Any help on getting this to work would be greatly appreciated! Thanks~

Have you completed the WinPCap installer that is run during the WhatPulse installation?

Oh… my first thought was that it was spam… i think it’s an automatic reaction of mine! I’ll get that sorted. Thank you!

Tnx, how simple can it be :slight_smile:


I’m having the same issue, yet I have installed WinPCap along with WhatPulse and it doesn’t seem to record network bandwidth. I currently have 0.6KB upload and 0.0KB download after 24 hours of installing 2.0. That’s an insignificant amount; either something is wrong or I probably don’t understand how the network recording stuff works.

Do the network interfaces in your Network tab coincide with the real network interfaces that you have in your computer? Could be possible it’s not seeing your active interface, but is listening to your wireless interface or something similar.

Same as OP, I don’t have a wireless connection, it’s an integrated card.

Under the network tab, it doesn’t pick any interface. When starting the PC up, Local Area Connection appears as the interface for about 10 secs while uploading with 0.1KB/s and then it disappears.

As I understand the protocol, WinPCap can record wireless connections. The user has to specify the IP address of the wireless connection to enable the interface in order for WP to count its statistics. Beyond that, an experienced network admin can help set you up. I only understand the basics enough to diagnose the problem and come up with possible solutions.

I also thought it was spam, thanks for this answer!

i had the same problem. no network traffic was recorded and the network interfaces list was empty.
i saw that i had installed the TCP/IPv6 protocoll and uninstalled it. now everything is working fine. i run WinXP :blush: