WhatPulse 1.4.7 not resetting after pulse, double pulses appearing in profile

I know I should’ve upgraded ages ago already, however, I wanted to save up for 3.5 million keys, which has taken me quite a long time of coding.

However, when I tried to pulse today, around 19:00 CEST, the site was not loading and the WhatPulse client showed several times that the submission timed out. As I was able to get to the site after a few F5’s, I supposed that continuing to pulse would probably get the keys registered anyway, I didn’t want to lose this neat milestone.

(Profile; whatpulse.org/stats/users/159293/, can’t post links yet sadly.)
Sadly when I looked at my profile a few minutes ago it turns out that several pulses actually did come through. In addition to that, the latest pulse I made (which would be the one with 21 keys extra I think), reported correctly, but did not reset the counter in my client, nor shows up in the right order…

So before I’m labelled cheater, will be covered in oil and feathers, I’d like to ask one of the powers that be to remove the pulses, perferably except for the first received one today.
As a sidenote; I’ve now uninstalled 1.4.7 and I’m installing 1.6.0 as we speak, hopefully that’ll keep me safe for a while.

You can try posting here.

[quote=Shawn]You can try posting here.

Alright, thanks, I didnt notice that topic, Ill drop a line there right away.

I’m looking at this, and since you reported it, it’s clearly a case where it took your pulse multiple times, just like you described.

I removed all the duplicates and found one that seemed to have slightly more than the rest, so I left that one intact.

Just a side-note: Don’t wait too long before you pulse on 1.6 - it’s having some issues with invalid token errors and the like. I personally wouldn’t go more than 50,000 keystrokes without pulsing.

Thanks a lot X-Kal. I suppose the bug isn’t too much trouble once the pre 1.5 clients are disabled, provided it’s not occuring with the newer clients of course.

As a little update/bump, first of all I’d like to thank you guys for taking care of this problem so fast, however, it seems like the amount of keys (which could very well have been 14million) has been removed twice, including the rightful pulse I did make earlier. I must admit I’ve also PM’d X-Kal about this, but I suppose his inbox is flooded with pms, or he’s perhaps just busy in general, so I’ve copied the PMs here as well.

Since I’m in the team Dutch Power Cows, daily stats are generated and posted on our (Dutch) forum. These stats also show that my previous keycount, registered the night before the bugs occurred, was 46.3 million (http://gathering.tweakers.net/forum/view_message/31668115), whereas my keycount today is exactly 14 million lower than it was before, namely 32.3 million (http://gathering.tweakers.net/forum/view_message/31668115).

So instead of once removing 14 million from the count somewhere in the 60 million, it has been removed twice, and in addition to that 3.5million extra has been removed, even though that was a correct pulse.

Also, another possibly odd bug is that the ‘year overview’ of my account shows a negative kps/cps for week 33 (http://whatpulse.org/stats/users/159293/view/thisyear/). I suppose this is related to the extra keys that have been removed, but it’s odd nonetheless.

Hopefully you could take a look at this again, it’d be highly appreciated.

Check your PM box - I responded there.

Dang - from what I see, you’re right… you had twice the number of keystrokes taken away. Why this happened, I still have no idea. I sent a message to wasted (the head administrator) to check the logs and see if he can figure out why this happened - and hopefully give the keystrokes back.