What would you do after...Game

A question is asked and the next user has to answer and after that he has to put a question with the form ‘‘what would you do after…?’’

I’ll start:

What would you do after a white night?


Arch Slayer you clever man.

Well I will start my day with a cup of coffee.

After coffee/with coffee - What would you do after watching a great day of NFL Football on opening weekend ? :smiley: (My beloved Packers already took the Thursday opener of course)

Scratch my balls, realize I never lived up to me dreams, and drown my misery and brain cells with some good Smirnoff #57

Whoa, you guys really suck @ this!..:slight_smile:

Anyway, lemme try from teh start:

I’d kick the #%$&! out! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ;D

What would you do after pulsing?


[quote=dan_416][quote=ArchSlayer100]Nothing.[/quote]Arch Slayer you clever man.[/quote]Hah!


[quote=Kuro]#57[/quote]You got problems. =)

[quote=nimd4]Whoa, you guys really suck @ this!..:slight_smile:
You got problems. =)[/quote]


Hey man no one ever accused me of being stable nor normal! :smiley:

Dunno, when the Colts won the SuperBowl I ended up celebrating with a steak and getting drunk with some friends on our roof.

mind you our roof extended over the car bay and was flat so perfect fo laying out what not.

c00l, heheh; just read your reply :blush:

Are we still playing? whistle



News I can use.