Welcome from TheoQ99

Hello, i am TheoQ99. You may just call me Theo. I am a member at Linerider.org. they use vbullitin, so i am very used to it, so i will have no trouble here. Please join Linerider.org and say that TheoQ99 refferred you.

look in my sig for my linerider tracks, watch them and comment.

Hi Theo, welcome on the forum :slight_smile:

Ömega Blue is my favorite vid =D

Post alot!! And a happy new year :wink:

Hehe, I do like the sig! Now, are you going to show me some magic tricks? I’ll pick your credit card, too :wink:

Ah, lol, didn’t see that one xD

Very funny :stuck_out_tongue:

do you have a shoutbox here? and is there a rep system? we have both of those at linerider.org, and if implemented on this site, they would make a great addition!!

I don’t know if we have a reputation system installed - we used to have karma, but that left when we moved over to vBulletin. So, maybe it’s there… I just don’t know.