Week on Whatpulse report

Haven’t received the weekly report in a couple weeks. The option is still turned on in my profile. Any ideas?


It worked fairly stable over the last couple of month.
Only now it seems to have gone missing again. Maybe just late by a day or two?

Last one I received was on 14/05… system broken?

Yes same here. That was the last working report. It’s a shame, I liked them a lot. Wish smitmartijn would fix them.

Can also confirm, while you can still view them on your profile (https://whatpulse.org/dashboard/my/premium/weekly-reports/) but the emails aren’t being sent out

There was 1 email server out of the cluster that was holding back emails…I just fixed that, and I believe at least 2 of you will have the updates in your inbox now. Next Friday, it should come back on the schedule.

Can confirm got a report.
Looking forward to them working again. Thanks!

Also received it! :slight_smile:

I stopped getting them with last being May 15th. Its been almost two months, i hope they come back. Still hasnt recieved any since.

Just wanted to check if everyone here got the report last Friday?

I received it on Thursday (just like before) → do 9 jul. 08:42

I’m also received it on time! Thanks you!
But unfortunately with zeros on upload/download since the issue https://whatpulse.org/forums/showthread.php?tid=7866

Hello, I can confirm that i indeed got the email at 07-09, 22:52, lets hope it continues sending them correctly now :slight_smile: