Website caveats and client nitpicking

Ok so I didn’t know where to place this thread since it fits in multiple places.

Let’s start with the website:
There’s an issue I noticed regarding user IDs together with user names, and application names.

For applications, I noticed this issue on Notepad and Notepad++. They redirect to the same page because the website doesn’t use anything for “+” or other signs. This could be fixed by doing it the way I see it on google: If you search C++ for instance, it will show up as “C%2B%2B” in the link, “%2B” being the “+” sign.

For user IDs and names, the problem is that there is no differentiator between them in the website link. For example, if an user is named 1 (I don’t know if you’re still able to use an all-number name anymore), it will conflict with the user ID 1 and only display one of them on the website.
This could be fixed by something like for user ID and for username.

For the client, the following would be nice to have:

  • auto pulse every hour, on exact hours such as 1 AM, 2 AM, etc. I’m currently using the 1 hour uptime option, but it’s not the same thing.
  • the grid option in Geek Window Layout is very useful, but it’d be better to also have a slider which selects the grid scale. I’d like a smaller grid in order to place the labels closer together and without a grid it’s too annoying.
  • temperatures or other details in the Overview tab for the CPU, GPU, and RAM.

Sorry for the long post.

EDIT: I forgot about this, but now I remembered. When browsing almost any page on the forums, I get this:
And when I posted this thread, it took a very long time, around 5 minutes, to post. And during that duration I couldn’t browse any whatpulse page, while being able to browse other internet pages.