Username issues/ login issues

My original username was ‘Chandler’, which still exists and I have the password for it. I just pulsed a few minutes ago before updating to the new client. Now I am begin prompted to login with an email address instead of a username. I had not been on the website since it has been updated. I do not know what email address is associated with my username or if it was not pulled over properly. I should be using the one I am logged on with now.

Any support from an Administrator would be great. I can still login to the old client.

If you still have the old client logged in, you can get your registered email address from the ‘Account Info’ window. Change it to your current one after you’ve logged in.

Thanks, the issue was that I had already made my last pulse and uninstalled the older client. I did not realize I still had it on my laptop though, so no worries, I found it without having to have an admin look for it for me!