Username disappeared.

I can now no longer log in with my old account info, as Ilsambärd.
I have had to create a new account that the server recognises as ilsambärd, which is crap.

is there any way i can login to my old account again? this would never have happened if i hadn’t upgraded to your 1.5 client.

thank you.

Is it that you cannot log into the website, the client, or both? Because if you can log into the website, there is an option to change the username from there. I believe there are problems with “nonstandard” characters, things people in the United States people can’t type in with a keyboard, so you might be able to fix it from there.

If it doesn’t work, lemme know and I’ll see what I can do to have it changed for you. Will “ilsambard” work for you? (I think it’s the ä that’s causing the glitch)

it’s both; i believe it’s the diaretic a that’s causing the trouble.
if you could remove the dots from the a in my old ilsambärd account (pass begins wi’ a c) that’d be great.