Uptime being tracked when computer is off?


Unpulsed uptime - correct
Current uptime - does not show actual “uptime” but instead the time since I last rebooted - however I have shutdown twice since that time, so this time should be less

Is there any way to stop uptime being tracked when the computer is off? Otherwise there seems to be little point in tracking uptime at all. Really they just track times between reboots (specifically restarts only).

Though I suppose this does only show on the client. Maybe not such an issue then. Still interested if it is possible, however.


The uptime inside the client is indeed the uptime that your computer has from it’s start. It’s a bit weird that your current uptime is 19 hours and the total uptime is 30 minutes though. I can only explain that with a clock change, where your computer thought it was 19 hours earlier and then corrected itself (seen that a few times).

The unpulsed uptime and the uptime that’s on the website is the actual time you’ve run the client.

I thought the total uptime was only 30 minutes since that was the uptime I had before the reboot. If I were to reboot again I assume my current uptime (time since last reboot) would be added.

And yeah, I realised it was only the client that had this ‘issue’ (edit). It was only a minor ‘issue’ I had with the program anyway (if it just said “time since last reboot” and “time since beginning” there’d be no problem, so I’ll just take it as that now). Otherwise it’s fantastic for my love of personal statistics.


Oh, looks like everything does work out right when you reboot (except current uptime - the same issue remains). Still not ideal as it doesn’t count shutdowns as reboots but there you go.

Total uptime will only show correctly after a reboot. Current uptime still shows time since last reboot but meh. I suppose I was quick to judge.

Okay now it’s definitely all wrong. It duplicated one of my reboots so I have two at the same time and thinks my total uptime is 63 hours (my profile isn’t public but it’s actually 25 hours). Unless it’s just still being weird I’ll probably be ignoring it from now on.