Unknown Server Message

I’ve been having this “Unknown Server Message” error on my PC lately and I’ve come to noticed that it has something to do with my Username.
As before this I’ve been using Sora™(link to profile - whatpulse.org/stats/users/116921/ - since I can’t post any URLs yet) as my username but I’ve come to realize that the website did a change over the years and it has issues reading the symbol ™ in my username.

This issue is also a big problem where I can’t even log into the website but in the previous versions of WhatPulse, I had no issues logging in there as you noticed the Pulse dates is still recent.
But as of recent where I recently did a format on my PC got me this issue.
I’ve tried using the “Forgot Password” method as well but after entering my username it came back to me saying “No such account”.

Is it actually possible to change my username to fix this issue ? Or is there any alternatives ?

Came to the forums to find some fix but have not found anything so far, hopefully anyone here would be nice enough to help out.
Thanks in advance !

Username changed - check your email.

Thanks a lot for the help !

Works just fine now :slight_smile: