Unknown Server Message when behind a firewall

Hello all,
I am new to Whatpulse. It is installed fine, and works when I am at home on my company laptop. I can send pulses without any issues at all.
However, when I am at work, this same install of whatpulse gets “unknown server message, please try again later” error due to us being behind a firewall.

Now, I DO have my own proxy setup on my own co-located server. Its a Squid Proxy running on a CentOS 5.5 box that I use to proxy my web browser and many many other services. I have authentication setup on the proxy, and the proxy itself is on port 23, which is not being blocked by the firewall.

Like I said, I use this same proxy for alot of other services, including web browsing, but Whatpulse doesnt seem to want to use my proxy settings. I have tried putting the proxy in by its IP as well as by name, and nothing works.

Any suggestions? It doesnt appear whatpulse is using the proxy settings nicely.

I have the same problem at my work. My laptop has been re-installed and I use XP. Before I still could pulse but now anymore. I have no idea if I need proxy settings or not.

Could anyone give some suggestions how to get Whatpulse pulsing again.

I honestly dont think its using the proxy to pulse. IF I have time today, I will wireshark it and see if it is using proxy or not.