Type your username with different body parts

Here’s a funny typing game I saw on another forum. Each time you post, type your username with a different body part. Post it with spelling mistakes, no backspace allowed. Finally, I have a use for caps lock…


(left elbow)

inquizitor - Left elbow - Yay for bony elbows?

inquizitor - Middle knuckle on left middle finger - Too easy.

inquizitorf - Nose - I think my chin grazed the F key at the end.

inquizitor - Tongue - My keyboard tastes rather unpleasant. I should probably rinse my mouth out now.

yioncbduylixctuiptropiur - Forehead.

ionbbnquuhzhiuytpokr - Knee. I couldn’t contort myself well enough for this one.

iiknqwajjkizxiutkoirdf - Big toe - This was an epic fail…

k smkzokglgrt - Chin.

igbujizuitgoer - Front teeth. That one was actually kind of painful.

inquiuzitor - Wrist. I’m pretty surprised at this one. Nearly perfect.

jknbhswkuibk88xzukygtiolrefe - Chest. I don’t know what I was expecting here.

ibnqwuyiozxkitrgfoir - Left heel - At least all of the letters are there, I guess?

k bnwaesuizjutrilre - Left bicep.

gygdhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhcfgsc ufdddd hybhggjfgch bhjk - Hindquarters :confused:

jhij .ljmhbnnbcxgfn,vbgfcv,jknlv,ckvcjxkklcvxdpvco - Shoulderblade.

chd bnashkixzgjlfckgfr -Calf of the leg.

ijnwixhtfopjr5e - Ear.

kmq1kisitolord - Something or other.

gdhooooooooooooooooolvvvvvvvvvvvv - Stomach

inquizitor - Left eye. brb, flushing my eye out… :confused:

Sadly, I am now out of body parts.

Haha oh man.

kmq1kisitolord - Something or other.

The idea was to make one attempt with each post, not exhaust your whole body and soil your keyboard. :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway…


(right elbow, lol)

PinkFloyd = PinkFloyd

!@# I’m just that damn good with my big toe! :wink:

How the heck did you do the shift?

I assume that he pressed Caps Lock.

I have a new ergonomic keyboard so this probably won’t go so well:

elbows: yhjnm[nuw23eqwsax5t5r9opnhj
nose: 2§wt5]n3 (this caused me to hit my up key and type into the elbows line)
tongue: newton

With the given results I don’t think I’ll try other body parts.


(nose, just failed to disengage caps lock)