TV programs..

What one do you like/watch/enjoy/you get the picture.

I like Family Guy, Futurama, stuff like that. Family Guy is awesome though :slight_smile:

I don’t watch TV :smiley:

24, but it finished here :’(
Now I sometimes watch Skyland and Avatar, those are great :smiley:

south park, american dad, avatar, naruto, bleach, on piece, sonic, ben 10, …, …
realy lot’s of stuff :slight_smile:

House =D

And CSI sometimes, also Las Vegas, that’s nice :slight_smile:

I think my Top 5 all time favorite series are, in no order, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, MASH, Twin Peaks, 'n the X-Files :wink:

My friends and I have been downloading and watching all the episodes of Scrubs from the beginning. (were on season 4) Other than that I watch a bit of comedy and Adult Swim.

Good stuff right there, I do like Scrubs / Adult Swim

I like simpsons, heroes and friends. : D

and south park of course :smiley: