Totals for OS's.

Something small. I’d like to see totals for each operating system. Like keys, clicks, and data stuff.

That is all. : )

You’d think we would have thought about that!

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ve added it to our backlog for consideration.

Edit: Looks like we do ↓

Personal stats, or the ones that are already on ?

Unless I am misreading that shows the averages for each, and how many people use each one. But not the totals.

It’s not the clearest, but if you hover on the parts of the graph, you see the totals.

That only tells you the total number of clients, not the total number of keys each OS has.

Okay, that’s better. In my mind totals was “how many of each OS”.

Sorry, I see now I really wasn’t being clear.

I’d like to see totals for each operating system. Like keys

It was clear! haha.

I think this would be an interesting statistic to have added, but of course Windows would completely dominate most of it, giving the other two a very small section of the pie (chart).

Windows: 1304400 * 147399 = total keys.
MacOS: 1038534 * 15318 = 15.908.263.812 total keys.
Linux: 1642075 * 2334 = 3.832.603.050 total keys.

But that’s an average.