Total Keys

I can’t find where i see the total keys of all users on whatpulse. :confused:

That’s because it’s not on the public website. :wink:

It should be ^^ Why not?
How much is it??? :slight_smile:

We found some crawlers using the data for some weird stuff. Plus we’re doing some scheduled preparation work for the new client, which means the number is every changing, didn’t want to raise questions or freak people out. (yes, it has happened)

It is now 250,676,971,222 keys, 100,497,447,825 clicks & 21,193,878 miles.

Is there any stats of how much keys get pulsed every second/minute/day or so? :slight_smile:

If there isn’t, that would be really neat to have.

Or like a live counter on the homepage changing every second showing the current cumulative of keys, clicks and miles. :stuck_out_tongue: