Top Of Breakout

Well i see the new arcade section, its kinda cool, and i just got top of Breakout muhahahaha 7060, i dare anyone to beat me :twisted: :slight_smile:

I will later.



Haha, so bluntly put there Shawn :stuck_out_tongue:

Indeed he beat me, very good :smiley: Though he has yet to beat me at Asteroids :smiley:

I doubt I’ll be able to on this keyboard too -.- I got lucky getting as far as I did before. The space bar doesn’t pop up as fast as it’s supposed to due to long term usage. When I get a new one I’ll beat you there too. :stuck_out_tongue:

I suck at Asteroids :frowning:

The only thing I can do is tetris and I’ve been beaten at that too now :’(

Turns outs, I basically suck at all arcade games.

I think Breakout and Snake are great games to improve my WhatPulse Score :wink:

I second that, I can never seem to get any highscores on anything. Maybe it’s my short attention span though.

WhatPulse score?