Time for Change...

Ok, well WhatPulse Cherry has been out for what feels like longer than a year now and hasn’t changed and has proven itself pretty reliable. Until there’s another testing phase of new betas, I believe it would be best if we removed all the beta tags from this version and start phasing out 1.4.7 now.

Also, what is the actually development status of everything else, including the new website? Would be nice to know so I can throw this kind of information into the knowledge base…

Yes, very good point!

When I told people about that they are busy with a new anti-cheat system they asked why I didn’t asked when 1.4.7 will be banned out :X

Good point :slight_smile:

There’s still the lag issue that hasn’t been resolved yet, as far as I can understand. Wasted started a thread somewhere hoping that people could leave feedback regarding the source of their lag, e.g. what kinds of things they’re doing when it lags, and which whatpulse features are enabled when it does lag.

The lag issue included itself in Whatpulse 1.4.7 as well, because I sadly had it in that version as well. It’s a problem within the actual Whatpulse keyhook, not so much anything else, if I had to guess. As well, this means that we are ready to begin phasing out 1.4.7. Sadly, none of us have the power to do it except wasted.


1.6 is coming and will be released with the new website. When is another matter but that’s out of our control unfortunately. (coughsubtlehintHURRYUPcough)

Although in saying that I don’t think development on the client has actually started yet, so I doubt we’ll see anything until next year :frowning:

But definitely start phasing out 1.4.7 now… it’s unneeded and probably does more harm than good :slight_smile:

I agree. This is why I just removed 1.4.7 from the download list.

The reason I have not responded to your post sooner, was because I wanted to push out the new template before I did. This way you notice I’m not just talking stuff again. :wink:

As it is, the linux client is almost ready for deployment (courtesy of staykovmarin), I am going to restart development of the Mac client (should be done quite soon), and TheGambler and HedgeHog are working on (mostly) the security, and lagging of the Windows 1.5 client.

I also want more people involved with the website (see the news post that I’m writing now), so that will start evolving quicker as well.

After about 2 years of doing jack, I’m ready to start things up again. More importantly, involve more people, so the chance of WhatPulse dying again will be minimal.

hehe nice website change it looks really good :slight_smile:

I agree it looks nice, except for the ‘Your Stats’ and ‘Team Stats’ boxes, they look slightly strange, as they’re semi-off center, but that is something that can be looked over.


i think they look fine as they are O.o

I think they were off-center because there’s a mail icon… or something. I can’t remember which it was, but including that in the same row does cause things to go off-center.

I think they should be on seperate lines, it’d guarantee that they’re centered.

…'nuff said. :wink:


As it is, the linux client is almost ready for deployment (courtesy of staykovmarin)[/quote] When will it be available for users to use it? In the newspost at the frontpage it was stated a few weeks, is there already an ETA planned?

I’m not sure if we’ve used ETAs in a long time. I know that work has happened on it recently, but I don’t know much beyond that.

They just like teasing you all. There’s never going to be an official Mac or Linux client really. :wink:

We’re not gonna release the 1.5 version for Windows, either? :wink:

You mean 1.6/7? :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean 1.5 orange :wink:

But I wanted it to be teal! ):

but when was the last time you ate a teal?