teampages loading very slowly

Hey, recently we discovered a problem with team pages. They load extremely slowly.
Our own team page is affected by this very heavily. The generated comment from our team page:

	SQL queries: 9
	Memory: 8.75MB
	SQL time: 0.2794748
	PHP time: 60.4037548
	total time: 60.6832288

It takes 60 seconds to generate our team page - every single time.

But nearly all team pages we tested were very very slow as well - ours being the most extreme yet.
Also feels like the forum is also affected by this.

I checked the top 30 teams by keys and found a 2nd team that always takes 60 secs: TeamLiquid

Otherwise, most team pages are not slow, unless I’m trying to test 10 pages at once.

This was because of your team image. It referenced ‘’ - which due a recent backend change wasn’t reachable from the web servers themselves. I’ve just fixed it.

The page checks for image dimensions when it loads, and that has a timeout of 60 seconds. So the page actually loaded in 0.4 second, the image just added another 60. :wink:

But as you can see, it’s fast again!

I’m guessing the image of the team I linked to must be down, because their team page is still slow. 60 seconds is a long time!

Thank you for you very quick response and fix. Our teampage does load again - rather fast (1. time 10 seconds though but after a second load it’s around one second). Apart from elements on the page timing out like the tweets.json from time to time.
But other teams are still affected and the member lists are not viewable most of the time.
A few team pages tested with the affected requet urls. Maybe that helps:

Can’t say I’m seeing that on any team pages (from multiple geo locations) after my previous post, only time outs I’m seeing are on team images that are not up to date anymore.

Maybe it’s the ISP those tests were coming from or something.