TCL Script

Anyone got a working tcl script that parses the data from the XML stuff from users?

Been trying to fix the old script but i can’t seem to get it to work. So was wondering if anyone had a updated script that actually works with the XML and properly parses it to IRC.

Thanks in advance people.

I could code a new version of it for TCL, I just haven’t gotten around to it. I’ll see about it now that someone else is requesting it.


Maybe we can team up, already wrote a basic part from the old script and with a little help from the peeps from But i’m a total n00b with tcl so the progress is slow.

So might be a good idea to meet up IRC somewhere and talk about it and share ideas.

Whelp, if you have ideas, I’ve been coding TCL for about 2 years.


Try for our irc channel :wink:

Or if you’re unlike X-Kal, you don’t sit on IRC all day and thus don’t idle the pulse channel anymore!


Or you can be like Century0 and have those extra keys he types at the end of his post.

And you never idled in #pulse for long

Lol, cause right after I did, the servers changed temporarily and then bam, that threw off my BNC and I never fixed it. :]

And of course, you have to have the extra keys! Hence why I have 45 million and you have 14mil. Lol.


[quote=Century0]Whelp, if you have ideas, I’ve been coding TCL for about 2 years.


Sorry have been a tad busy lately, but i got a few ideas for it. Got a working tcl atm but that spams out every stat off the user to the channel so thats a tad to spammy.

But i could write up some ideas and post them here if you can garantue that your actually gonna do something with it :slight_smile:

I won’t guarantee it, but I’ll toss it in my work pile. :]


Will try to write something down when i got time then.
Would be nice to finally have a decent script to show me stats on irc :slight_smile:

:] Mk mate.

Btw, if you ever need to contact me fast,, my name is Century0.