Suspicious.Cloud.7.F in qtsql4.dll

When I tried to update to latest version today, Norton 360 said there was a Suspicious.Cloud.7.F in qtsql4.dll, and therefore removed the file.

I use a HP notebook, with 64 bit windows 7

What to do?

Same problem here. I didn’t know the Suspicious.Cloud.7.F was from Whatpulse, thought it was some web extension. I’ll try something, if it’ll fix it I’ll tell you :slight_smile:

Edit: Tell your antivirus to restore the file & ignore it. I’m also using Norton and it helped. Not sure what will happen when I reboot mij PC though.

Weird…I use (among others) Norton to test releases for false positives, but it has not reported it on my end.

Thank you for the report, I’ve just submitted a false positive to Norton.

All other vendors also mark it clean:


Symantec gives it a ‘WS.Reputation.1’, but that’s only because not enough Symantic users have marked it as clean, and I’ve also just submitted a false positive for Antiy-AVL.

Please use the solution MartijnG98 posted. Also if there are any other users with this warning, please let me know so I can push Norton some more to fix this.