Suggestion - Power

This may sound stupid, but whilst thinking about the screensaver idea, i was thinking is it possible to discover how much power (electricity) your computer is currently using, because then we could have Whatpulse gather the amount of electricity your computer is using and pulse that, so people can see how much electricity they use?

Sounds Crazy, i know.

It IS crazy AND it’s not possible :smile:

Your power supply isn’t telling anything to the motherboard about its consumption. Some time ago I’ve read a review of a special (read: expensive) power supply with USB-connection for stats (and fan control), but that’s all.

a few days ago I heard something of a “power consumption meter” (sorry, don’t know the correct english word for “Stromzähler” :wink: ) that would be able to twitter.

Well, I personally think such a thing is just a waste of ressources on the full scale, but maybe such a thing could become handy for you.
But I don’t think that would make very much sense to be integrated into whatpulse at all.

If your are into linux, you could try munin for gathering various stats. I even wrote myself a whatpulse-plugin to monitor my rank und totals in all three categories (keys, clicks and meters). :wink:

Maybe this will help:

Haha very nice thanks anyway :smiley: