Sugestion regarding 'Invalid Token' messages

First off, this is just a sugestion so please don’t bite my head off if it’s a stupid idea :slight_smile:

bobL has already said that the invalid token error message can somtimes be caused for what appears to be no reason (I think ::confused:). So…

Perhaps it would be wise to put more information on how the “token system” works, after reading through old posts I gather that every time a user pulses, a token is sent to the server, and if it matches the last token received then great, and if not then “Invalid Token”. (One again, I think!!). If you put more information on the forums about the tokens then perhaps some other users could give advice on what (or how) problems occur.

Just a sugestion, so please don’t kill me if like I said, it’s a stupid idea :smiley:

Seems correct, however eventhough people may be aware of what they are, how can we, the users, have control over the tokens and how they are created. Its up to the software to make the tokens and send them to the server and validate them against the previous token.

Fair enough, but if we knew what the tokens where as such (e.g. I’m guissing they are strings of charicters, so if we knew how the token was generated and what information was used to generate it) then maybe we could offer help on why problems may be occuring?

It’s an encrypted data set relative to your account and profile on the website, thus, if you pulse on the same profile on another computer, a new token is generated and the other computer is going to get an invalid token.

However they are completely fucked at the moment web-side and I’m waiting for wasted to get better and have a looksie.

How about another suggestion: give every profile two tokens, but only let one get updated at a time. That way, if one token stuffs up, you still have a backup, and the other token can be restored. If you login with the same profile on a different computer, you would get two new tokens and the other two would become invalid.

Sounds like a good idea, but frankly I want to dump tokens altogether and come up with something better.

The issue with tokens at the moment is not that the tokens themselves are screwed, but the entire system behind them is. Even if we did implement two tokens in its current form, that doesn’t fix the underlying issue. Tokens, as they are, may as well not be there.

Gonna talk to wasted about it when he wakes up.