Stats progress


I’m not sure whether Whatpulse is intended as a pure recording of what you do on your machines or because of the competitive element. I enjoy both, I like to see the mouse heatmap to rearrange toolbars and I also like to see if I’m rising (winning!). The team and country stats indicate competitive drive but there’s not so much on the user level. Besides the list with 3411 pages of users that is, but this list is only sortable and not searchable and because of that rather useless if you ask me. Plus, it just gives the current rankings and no history.
So what I would like to see is more focus on my personal stats. How am I doing community wide? Am I winning or am I losing? And, what do I need to do to win more!?
I understand there is not much I can do to win more because in the end I type what I type and I click what I click. But it’s the feeling that counts, and I’d like to know whether I’m keeping up with the rest of the community, or not.

That’s a long way to ask for; having the option to see how my rank has changed over the last days/weeks/month. Could be as simple as a green/red arrow next to the current rank.

I posted this in the client software section because that is where I would like to see it…
But it might as well fit into the website best and might give some extra possibilities.

Something like this is in our vision, but it’ll take a while for us to get there.

Few spoilers; it will be only on the website. Weekly, monthly progress/stats reports will be given. You’ll have the ability to compete in a smaller circle and track that progress better. Other stuff is being thought of, but I like to surprise people with this stuff. :wink:

Sounds like a cool idea :slight_smile:

On this same note; I think it would be cool to see a number on how many keys until you next ‘rank up’. I know I could find this by searching the user page, but it takes a bit of time to do.

Just a thought.