[SOLVED] Weeks in What Pulse

Today on August 16, I tried exporting input to figure out the number of clicks and key strokes in a week from Sunday August 9 to Saturday August 15. I did not see all the clicks from week 32 in my history until I changed it to August 9 to August 16. What days of the week does a week in What Pulse cover? Why don’t I see clicks and keys for week 33 in my history since it is Sunday?

Hi Barry,

In the database handling all the clients stats, the week starts on Sunday. So Sunday to Saturday is a single week.

Thank you for your response smitmartijn. I find it satisfactory for now and think it explains a lot. Since it was not clear from the data I am both unsure of the math of the software and my own checking of the math, but I will use the software as it was intended to be used and see if over time I find any consistent patterns that warrant confusion. I think that more research could be done to see if the math of the software is consistent, but I have other things to do, so I will just use the software as best it is. At least I know how the software was intended to be regarding weeks and for that thanks again.