[SOLVED] upload and download not updating correctly windows 8.1

For quite a while, my computer has not been updating upload or download properly and as of right now, the unpulsed remains at 0 for both upload and download. Also the up and down in the client application are vastly larger than on the website. I have already tried reinstalling winpccap and the whatpulse client. are there any other troubleshooting steps to try?


Running the application as administrator has resolved the problem of the upload and download not counting properly, but the stats on the app are still different than the website. I also noticed in the overview tab, the upload and download are closer to correct than on the account tab (which is the same as on the website). Is there any way get the remaining amount (indicated on the overview) to be pulsed properly?

There’s no way to sync the local computer stats to the website. Only certain network traffic is counted on the website: http://help.whatpulse.org/kb/website/what-network-traffic-stats-are-counted-on-the-website